follow through??

this post was originally written in Oct 2012



I have determined something… I am very good at starting things… I am very good at making the lists and the goals and deciding what I want to do and how to do it and when to do it… but I haven’t always been good at follow through…

Probably 90% of my discipline problems with my children arise from poor follow through… 95% of why I have difficulty getting past that 75# mark…. Poor follow through… the condition of my house?…. poor follow through… feeling lonely because I don’t have a date?… poor follow through (although it makes me a pretty good flirt!)

I am WONDERFUL at making lists… I can list make like you wouldn’t believe. You got a problem you need solved? I can break it down into bite sized manageable pieces and order them in an appropriate and logical order and have you on your way. I can make a mean tracking chart and come up with insanely awesome rewards that just make you want to totally accomplish whatever your goal is. I can motivate students (I worked my way through college as a tutor in the learning center, and my ultimate goal when I get my masters in nursing is to become a teacher) that most people find unmotivatable. (even though Microsoft says that isn’t a word 😦 LOL!). I have ways of making things so simple that anyone can get them.

But it is hard for me to have follow through. A simple thing really, you say you will do something and you do it. It isn’t that I am forgetful or lazy or stupid or any of the other things that I say to myself. It isn’t that I have no desire to do the things I need to do (although disciplining my kids is very difficult for me because I don’t want them to hate me and think I am just being mean, but I do understand that discipline is because I LOVE them and they will know it when they are older!)

I just get sidetracked (ohhh squirrel!). Ummm. You know what I mean. I lose track of where I am or other things pop up and I think of better things to do (sleep is usually nice). Or, the obligation really was too big for me and I couldn’t handle it and rather than recruiting help I chose to suck it up and suffer through and martyr myself (because we all know how sexy that is).

I have goals this month. Big goals. And this is really the first time that I have tried to do goals of this magnitude. Goals that don’t have anything to do with school. Goals that are designed to bring some spiritual growth and help me out of the quagmire I am in. goals that I have followed (mostly) for the week since I started them. (basically only missed 5 of the 32… I have 8 daily goals and it has been 4 days). I am excited about that. BUT (and that is a big fat hairy butt) the weekend is here. Tomorrow. And I know I have a tendency to fall apart on the weekend. Ahh whatever, I don’t need to do <insert task that isn’t so unpleasant but is different than just lounging around that I know I will be appreciative of when I am done> because it’s the weekend and it’s my only time to rest!

I need follow through… I need to keep this momentum going. I understand the laws of physics and I know that a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body in rest tends to stay in rest and I KNOW that if I want to stay in motion I have to stay in motion. (that was a horrible long run on sentence, may the grammar police forgive me) I know that I can do this. I know that I can be renewed by the transforming of my mind (Rom 12) and that I can change the way I think about this.

So. That is why at the beginning of this post I said “I haven’t always been good at follow through… “ I am going to transform my mind. I am becoming good at follow through. No, that isn’t right. I am good at follow through. I am going to accomplish my goals this weekend. I am going to get er done.

Who’s with me? 


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