how do I track my goals and why?

this post was originally written in Oct 2012


Basically, what is the point in making a goal if you don’t know if you got it. To me that sort of makes me think of those “starving kids in Africa” things you see on tv and then you send in 10 bucks because you feel guilty… then you wonder if any starving kids ever actually got anything out of your money.

Also, if you make a goal that isn’t trackable, you kinda have no way to know if you are improving. That is sort of like saying I am going to support world peace by not eating at mcdonalds. Might make sense in your mind, but does that really support world peace?

Ok, so back to tracking goals. We talked yesterday about how to make a goal. What is a good goal, and so on and so forth. So how do you track your goals? Good question. You track them in a way that is important to you. Some people like little gold stars (when I first started I put a gold star on my date book when I got my 10K steps) I am past that. I want to know so much more than the fact that I got my 10K steps today.

This month my goals are a little different because I am dealing with the broken foot, so my charting is a little different. Normally I use an ap called cardiotrainer (click here for screen shots and info)… my goal normally is more than 100 miles per month…  this ap uses gps to tell me how long I go, how far I go, how long it takes me, elevation change, and gets me a spritzer water after every workout (ok so I am kidding about the spritzer). It also keeps track of historical work outs so I can see what I have done on a monthly basis. It also takes all my miles and puts them on a world map, with the idea that I could have moved from one side of the blue circle to the other in the course of all the workouts I logged. (my blue circle covers florida and almost all the way out to cuba… almost to Kansas… up into canada and almost to that weird lake looking thing at the top of Canada… it says that in 305 workouts I have gone 1089.1 miles and burned 1920930 calories… I like those numbers) it lookes like this… and is very motivating… I had a goal to “see” my friend in florida by valentines day (only missed it by a few days) and to “see” my family in indiana by my birthday 🙂 I want to travel around the world!  




So I also like charts. When I am making a concerted effort to have a goal and achieve a goal I like to have a chart so that I can mark things off… marking them off makes it easy for me to see progress and follow it. I have 8 goals I am working on this month. You may remember them from yesterday but I will post them again anyways.

1) 2000 calories or less per day

2) work on push up program at least 13 times (about every other day)

3) superman stretch x 60 mins (in the month)

4) a blog post every day

5) brainstorm for my book (and write 3 chapters… 1 week for brainstorming and one week per chapter)

6) devotions with my kids every day

7) personal devotions every day

8) quality time in prayer every day

So I made a chart that has 9 columns and 32 rows… one column for each goal and the date and one row for each day and the column headers. It looks something like this…






This makes it easy for me to go through and each day put a Y or a N and then for the ones that are numerical (like the calories and the stretch and the pushups) I can track those. So those columnssay 2K cal/day (y/n cals), P/U prog (y/n #/tot), Superman (y/n min/tot/goal), that way I can keep a running total and know where I am at a glance. It takes about 5 seconds when I finish working on that goal to go ahead and mark what I did.

 I also like color coding my stuff. It helps me to see at a glance. Red for missed/not completed and green for completed. I think it sometimes confuses me when I have “every other day” type goals to see a lot of red. But that green/red pattern is nice 🙂 

My point is, no matter what your goals are, you have to track them. Otherwise you have no way of knowing if you are meeting them or not. It doesn’t really matter HOW you track them so long as you do. I would be more than happy to help you come up with goals, or a system to track them.


So, what are your goals for this month? And how do you know if you are meeting them? 


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