There are two components to breathing. Inspiration and expiration. Inspiration is an active act. Even if it isn’t conscious, it is still active. The diaphragm is pulled down and the chest expands and air is sucked into the lungs. Expiration is passive. The diaphragm relaxes and the pressure outside the chest causes it to deflate and the air leaves the lungs.


There are also two components to life, inspiration and expiration. Just like in breathing, expiration is a passive process. Inspiration, especially of others, is an active process. I can not think of many who inspire without doing something.


 So, the way I see it, is that we have two options in life. We can be active and inspiring (even if we only inspire ourselves), or we can be passive and expiring.


People tell me I am inspiring. I am just living life. I am doing my best to live life to the fullest. I’m going to be, to use the cliched phrase, all that I can be. I’m being active. I’m taking responsibility for my life and my actions. I’m no longer passively living. In that vein, I am no longer expiring, I’m inspiring.


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