Old Rag

this post was originally written in Oct 2012

warning: this is a post about a miracle and the way God is working in my life… if you are offended by Christian sentiment… that’s ok… I still love you… but you probably don’t want to read this 🙂



going through and trying to think of miracles in my life… trying to meditate on the positives because this pain in my foot has me VERY depressed… 




20 Feb 12

We went to old rag the day after the big snow in February. It was the four kids (Jeffery, Caity, Chris and Jeff’s friend Thomas) and three adults (Me, N and B). So the kids and I were dropped off at the kiosk and B and N parked the car a mile down the road and walked up to meet us. Trouble started not long after we did. We got about a mile up the road and Jeff started having problems breathing. Then about a half a mile past that Caity hit her knee and decided she wanted to turn around. 


Caity had sat down and said that she was going to turn around. She was specifically told that she was NOT to turn around and that she had to continue. I kept walking and the guys walked ahead of me. After about another half mile we didn’t see Caity. I asked Thomas to please walk down to a specific point to see if Caity was there and if she wasn’t to come back and tell me. 


We (Chris, me, N and B) continued. So we got up the rock scramble. We still had not seen any sign of Caity or the boys. We had been asking people if they had seen them and they talked about how they had seen a boy chasing a girl and they were near the cars. We decided to continue and that we would just have to meet them back at the cars. The rock scramble is about 1 mile long. We took about an hour to get through the first obstacle on the rock scramble. (which didn’t cause me any trouble last time). We took almost two hours to get through the first two tenths of a mile. We went through the one part where you go down through the narrow crevice then around the big rock then there is a slide then another slide then you go around and then have to climb up. It took me a short while to get around all the stuff and when I went to get up to the part where you climb I couldn’t get to it. I couldn’t get purchase on the spot because of the snow and ice. I was also at this point panicking about Cait and Thomas being near the car. N and Chris had gone ahead and we hadn’t seen them in almost two hours and that was freaking me out. 


So at this point I told B to go ahead and tell Chris and Nick that I was turning around. I felt that I could get out of there… We hadn’t gone very far into the rock scramble and I thought that I could get back out. So B left and I told him that he could send Chris back to me or send him ahead or whatever. That it didn’t matter to me as long as I turned around. Before B left he said that he was ok with me turning around as long as I agreed to come back again. So I tried to go back up the slide and I couldn’t get up… B had gone ahead to try and find Chris and Nick. I tried for almost 10 minutes and I couldn’t do it… finally I just stood there and sobbed because I was all alone and stuck and I couldn’t do it. This one group came through just as I started to sob and they were all young kids and I knew that they couldn’t help me so I told them to just go on and that I would be fine. I started telling God that I couldn’t do it and I couldn’t see where to put my feet how to get out of the spot. And that I just needed help to get out. And that I just needed help to get out. And God spoke to me and said, “I don’t want you to be afraid” and I was like “I am trying not to be afraid God but this is hard and I don’t know how to do it and I CAN’T” and God said “what kind of spirit did I give you?” and I was like “ummmmm” and He said, “you got this, what kind of spirit did I give you?” and I was like “ummm not a spirit of fear” and He was like “yup, and I don’t want you to be afraid and I don’t want you to worry” so I was like “ok God, I will come back” as soon as I said that, I heard voices behind me and turned around and saw the most beautiful angels standing above me. Brit and Ryan were there and I explained to them that I was turning around and that I was stuck. Ryan was so awesome. He climbed down in the crevice with me and then climbed up and wedged himself and let me pull on him. And Brit would guide my feet. And they worked with me for almost a whole hour and got me back to where it was flat and easy.


So just after Brit and Ryan showed up this guy walked around the corner and asked me if my name was Jenn, and I said I was and he said that there was a guy walking down the mountain asking if they had seen me. So apparently B had gotten around me and was going down the mountain looking for me and he had walked right past me on the path and hadn’t seen me. But there was no way around me and he COULDN’T have gotten past me without going through me (there was no other path at that point). 


I was still worried about Chris and Cait and the others. And God said “I SAID I didn’t want you to be afraid I don’t want you to worry”. So I told God that I knew that and I was trusting him to get the kids down and to get me down and everyone would make it to the car safely and that I wasn’t going to worry about it. 


Six times I got worried through the course of going down the mountain and six different times I spoke it out that I wasn’t going to worry about the kids that I was going to let God take care of them.


So I was approaching the other part where we had gotten stuck the first time and I was unsure of how I was going to make it through that part so I just looked up and said “I know you are going to get me off this mountain and that I will be ok and I will come back and I am trusting you God”… next thing you know I heard Spanish being spoken behind me and I turned and there was a group who was doing the trail opposite… I told them that I was going down and that I needed help at the next spot but that I had straps I was using and that if they would just untie it when I got down that was all the help I needed. Well the one guy braced himself and held my straps while I slid down backwards on my belly… the other guy guided my feet to land in the right spot. After that I was just walking downhill. And I was fine. People kept asking me if I was Jenn and told me that my friend was going down the mountain looking for me. I told the three groups that passed me going down to please pass on the message that I was ok and on my way (which he apparently didn’t get the message until Brit and Ryan decided to turn around and pass me).


So I got to the bottom at the same time as another group was finishing. (it is a big loop trail and they meet at the kiosk). The guy asked me if I happened to be missing a kid. I said I didn’t think that I was because he was supposed to be with his grownup. They described him and it was Chris exactly. So I started walking up the backwards way and saw several other people who described Chris to me exactly. 


So when I caught up with Chris I asked him and he told me that N left him and told him to stay and wait for me. And he waited for a while and got bored. He said “so I asked God to send me a grownup and He did!” he said that God sent him a group of weblos and that he was with them for a while then he got tired and sat then he asked God again. He described the groups he was with. He switched adults six different times. Exactly the number of times I told God that I was trusting Him to get us all off the mountain. When the guys told me that there was a child on the mountain with no adult all that I could think of was that autistic boy a while ago who was lost near Richmond and they were searching for him for three days. That was all that went through my mind and I just told God again that I was thanking him for getting everyone off the mountain. 


Everyone made it to the car within an hour of each other. No one was injured seriously. No one was lost. No one died. It was truly a miracle. 


Try two 2 March 2012We went again (without the kids) on Friday the 2nd. I made it through in 7 hours 15 minutes. That was HALF my time from last year. The place where I spent TWO HOURS last year (the keyhole) took me TWELVE minutes. And most of that time was my friends setting up the straps that I used to climb through the keyhole. Every time I started to get afraid I just put my hands up and said “God, you didn’t give me a spirit of fear, I will not be afraid” and then I would feel better and I could go on. I really didn’t have any overwhelming paralyzing fear (which is part of what took me so long last time… I spent nearly five hours stuck in certain places because I was afraid). I told that mountain where to go and I believed in faith that I could do it and By GOD I did it!


we climbed from the level of this car to the top of the mountain between the two telephone poles … this one was taken the day we turned around… 

this is from the top…. not the day I kicked it’s butt… but another day… this was the first time we did it… when it took us more than 14 hours… 
half way up…. the summitt is on the right side… (this was the first time we did it… when it took forever)
Chris looking down the mountain… this was the day we turned around… 
Caity on the trail – the day we turned around …. you can kinda see why it was hard to climb 🙂

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