time… ???

originally written and posted in Oct 2012




I am kinda a nerd… so I apologize in advance for the math in this post… (if you find any errors kindly point them out… if you don’t understand go ahead and ask and I will try to explain how I came up with the numbers)…  but this is how my brain works… this was a difficult post for me to write personally because I always use the excuse “I don’t have enough time for _____” (blah blah blah whatever… right??)



60min/hr X 24hr/day X 365 day/yr = 525600 min/yr

One day is 0.27% of one year. So, if I screw up today, I only screw up less than one percent of my year. If I screw up for a week I only mess up 1.9% of my year. That fascinates me. A month is 8.3% of the year. So this last month that I have spent on the couch is 8.3% of the year. Not bad.


According to this calculator (http://www.bonkworld.org/index.php?action=show&id=45) I have been alive 12,871 days… one day is 0.008% of my life so far… the last seven weeks I have spent on this couch is 0.38% of my life so far… less than 1%…  not that long when you think of it in those terms… I don’t even want to start thinking about it in cosmic terms (I also don’t want to get into the whole Christian/secular debate over the age of the earth… because that would totally screw with my math…)… but… goodness gracious… this really influences the way I think about time…


There is 10080 min in the week. 30 min is 0.0057% of a year, 2.1% of the day. So how can I not have time to take 30 minutes for myself to do my devotions? How can I not take 30 mins to myself to work out? How can I not take 30 min once a week (0.3% of the week) to plan my meals and arrange the menu? How can I not take 30 min once a week to do the weekly bills and budgeting? Ugh.


30 min a day of physical exercise (210 min per week)

30 min a day of spiritual exercise (210 min per week)

30 min a week for meal planning

30 min a week for budgeting


That adds up to 4.8% of the week, spent on me. Am I not worth it? Is my spiritual and physical and financial health not worth it? I have spent the last week (basically) not doing my goals because I got sidetracked by life. I let things get in the way. I give everyone else my time. 

Repeat… I give everyone else my time… does that mean that other people are more important than me? I don’t want to sound like a martyr here… but I am important too… I am kinda feeling like the person in the airplane… when the oxygen masks come down… I really struggle to put my own mask on before I help others with theirs… then I am left gasping and struggling… because I didn’t take care of myself before I helped others…


I don’t have unrealistic goals… not really  

1) 2000 calories or less per day

2) work on push up program at least 13 times (about every other day)

3) Superman stretch x 60 min (in the month)

4) A blog post every day

5) brainstorm for my book (and write 3 chapters… 1 week for brainstorming and one week per chapter)

6) Devotions with my kids every day

7) Personal devotions every day

8) Quality time in prayer/bible study every day


I don’t think that is unreasonable… especially considering I am on the couch because of my foot… I think that I considered my physical ability and created goals for the month that fit (notice I didn’t put my normal monthly goal of 100+ miles… or the sit up challenge… or something like that… I also didn’t make a goal to write a 1,000,000+ word book this month… only to write three chapters… one per week)


So… why is it that I am unable to set this time aside for myself… because I am playing the martyr… I am not taking the time for myself…


So… I need to stop being a martyr… and just do it..


Who’s with me??


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