Zombies, 5K

I downloaded a new program a long time ago. I have been putting off trying it for a while. You see, last year almost exactly a year ago (it was the end of Aug), I broke my foot while jogging. I want to jog. I want to run. I want to feel the wind blowing through my hair. I want to fly.

But, I have been scared. I don’t like being broken. I missed 12 weeks of work. I was on the couch for 8 weeks.

I can’t do that again.

But, I do other things that are dangerous and have risk of injury.

I climbed Old Rag. (several times this year) I go on multi-day hiking and biking trips. I am not immune to injury.

So…. tonight I listened to the prelude episode.


I am hooked.

I think I listened to it in the best possible place too.

On the greenway, Starts near the YMCA in a residential area and goes towards the park at the other end. Follows the river, with the closed down factory on one side and the factories on the other side across the river. The one end that has street lights has light that flickers on and off.




I will keep you posted….


Runner 5 out.


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