playground workout

Today I did the playground workout found here.

I know that I can’t always get into the gym, sometimes I am out in an area where my gym isn’t around. Sometimes I only have time to work out when the gym is closed (darn that night schedule). Sometimes I want to workout with people who aren’t members at my gym. And sometimes I just want to show off when I am around friends ;).


So any good workout will work all your body parts 🙂

Core…Legs… Pushing…. Pulling…  

so first I did core work… 

I know that I need to pull my knees in closer to my chest, but my belly is too big for that. I got my knees as close as I could. 

Next for leg work I did some lunges. I did both variations assisted and regular.



For pushing I worked on push ups. I did two levels of elevated push ups and I kinda failed at the regular push ups I tried. But it’s ok, because I still moved my body and I still worked out and I still had fun. 

inclined push ups 

lower inclined push ups (or I almost fell on my face)

regular push ups (or I did fall on my face and switched tactics and they turned into knee push ups)


And I think my favorite exercise is the pulling exercise. I *will* do a pull up. Eventually. I am doing work at the gym (with the assisted pull up machine) to work on being better at pull ups. I am not at all close to actually DOING one, but I am much closer than I was when I started! (I mean look at the crunchies video, I hung long enough to do 3 knee lifts, granted they weren’t very GOOD knee lifts, but I still did knee lifts. I could never hold my body off the ground before I started working out.) 

and then I worked on lower body rows. The bar I chose was much lower than anything I have ever done before. I fell on my bootay. And my daughter messed up the camera and I did it again. And I fell on my bootay again. Just so you guys could see that I am not perfect and I sometimes fall. The important thing is that I get up when I do fall. 


After I did the work out here I did the week 1 mission 1 from Zombie Run (which was a 10 min walk and then 1 min walk 15 second run intervals for 10 or so times and then a 10 minute “free form run” which I mostly walked because I had made it back to the car by then and so I walked up the hill to where the kids wer playing and just walked around up there) I REALLY enjoyed it. I was only running 15 seconds, which is much less than what I worked up to (my max is about 90 seconds) but I had no shin pain durring or after and the only pain in my foot is equal to the pain I had in my foot the last few days. 


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