trail food – stuffed peppers – first try

ok so I like to hike… and I have a hard time getting enough food in my back pack… and I get tired of carrying tuna!!!

so I used THIS recipe

after cooking the inner stuff I chopped up some of the pepper (rather than stuffing it) and put a little bit of the sauce into the mixture… not a LOT just enough to make it like a dry sloppy joe…


and then it went into the dehydrator


I dehydrated it for I think about 8 hours


and it looked like this

I ended up dehydrating it a bit more I think the total time was about 10-11 hours


put it in a bag on the shelf and forgot about it for a couple of weeks


today I put it on the stove in some boiling water. added about 1 1/2 cups water and cooked it for about 10 minutes


the only clean spoon in the house was a trail spoon which I found fitting 🙂


served it with a giant cuppa joe…


I ate it with some tortilla chips… because I needed the salt after a giant hike this weekend 🙂


it was good. I think when I make it again I will use less flax seed because I could REALLY taste them…


also I think on the trail I can just eat it with a spoon…


my christmas present to me this year is going to be a small hiking stove… so if anyone has any ideas message me K?