yoga for hips/sciatic nerve

ok friends!

so I was talking on the internet with a friend who has sciatic nerve issues and realized that there are many of you.

I have taken yoga and I am to the point where I come up with my own flows of stretches that target the area I want to work on. I worked out a good hip/back stretch and went to the park and videoed it for you guys!

Many of these stretches below are ones that I worked with when I first started working on my hips and I love them. In fact I love child’s pose so much that I sometimes sleep in it (especially when I am having issues with my hip)

I worked out each step of the flow individually and discussed where you should feel the stretch and such.

I must warn you I am not into the whole “third eye/chakra/meditation” aspect of yoga. I simply stretch 🙂 and I must warn you that I talk a lot with my hands 😉



downward dog




full flow