Root veggies au gratin and bacon wrpped tilapia

For the Ranger mini challenge this week we have been tasked to get rid of some of these blasted rutabegas. They are taking over the island!! All these stinking root veggies! We also found some wild boar and since I had to sit out the mileage portion of last weeks  mini challenge I spent a lotta time on the shore fishin (isn’t that what every girl does when they gotta sit out??) 

So I propose some Root veggies au gratin and bacon wrpped tilapia 

(I don’t know how that boar and fish got into those wrappers… they um… MAGIC!) 


(not my art)

Start by preheating the oven to 350. Although it doesn’t matter if you don’t. It would just take a few more minutes to cook.

Au gratin Sauce

1/2 c heavy whipping cream

1/2 wheel gouda

a couple pats of butter (I think I used like 2 T)

those tiny peppers that came from my garden (optional) seeded and minced



chop up the gouda and put it in the pan on low to melt


while that gets all melty and great and super nom chop up the root veggies


I used 

1 1/2 turnip – peeled

3ish carrots

2 big parsnips 

some radishes

a sweet potato (this had been previously a BAKED potato… but this would work out fine too if it was raw) 


it will thicken. It gets all gloopy and great  just keep it on low on the stove while you do the next thing


eh you have to forgive my photographer. He tends to not understand actually being able to tell what’s going on in the picture. 



That’s better. See that cheezy stuff still simmering over there? It took a while. 


For this part wrap the fish in the bacon. Our favorite is catfish but the store was out so this is tilipia. This is the HARDEST part. 


When I was done wrapping the bacon the cheese mixture had thickened to amazingness. 


Mix it in with the root veggies. I put a little more butter because it didn’t mix well and I wanted to make sure it didn’t stick. 


Then put the au gratin veggies in the oven. For 20 min. Sit down and start your blog. 


(strawberry ale is OPTIONAL but recommended)



After about 20 minutes it will stir NICELY. Mix it all up and stick the fish in. 



Pretty much EVERYONE in the house kept wanting to look in the oven!


After about 10-15 minutes give it a turn and let it cook for 5-10 more minutes.

I finished it up on broil on high for about 3 minutes to crisp up the bacon. 



That’s a Zombie cutting the peppers for to have on the side. 


Ummm… this




yeah… I ate it all… there are ZERO leftovers… the kids actually scraped their plates and it was amazing… 



the non paleo-ish among us had cake for desert. You can thank the one with the hair for the really awesome clean kitchen in the pictures. 


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