Batch cooked “Italian” beef and root veggies

Made this awesome thing that I wanted to share with you!

I work nights, and I work 12 hour shifts (which by the time you count in travel and report and walking the dog after work and whatnot… I only have from about 1000 to 1700 or so to sleep.). Which means that I don’t care much for cooking EVERY day.

Enter my two best friends batch cooking and crock pots!

This is a spin on my mom’s Italian beef from when I was growing up 🙂 this is one of my ALL TIME favorite meals.

Gather your supplies

1 decent sized roast. This one was several pounds.


hot peppers (fresh)

banana peppers (these are HOT)


peel and slice the onions

slice the peppers (I left the seeds/rinds – if you don’t like it as hot cut em out – if you like it mild leave the peppers out all together)

put the meat on top fatty side up and add the banana peppers (juice and all) add your spices

I put a GOOD couple spoons of garlic and a good line of ginger paste

then Italian seasoning to taste – I like to use a LOT of seasoning – I like it a little hotter so I add a bunch of chipotle and cayenne – just a smidge of cumin – I also added some “fajita” seasoning which is basically salt/pepper/garlic –

I don’t really measure my spices.

I added about 2.5 pepper jars of water. Enough to rinse all the spices down into the bottom and about half fill the crock with water.

Then I cooked it on low for about 24 hours.

It looked like this

Take the fat off and save it for the root veggies.

It should just fall apart. I used a couple forks to shred it. Put it back in the crockpot and mix it into the juice. Turn it on low and let it go while you work on the veggies.

Then start to work on the veggies.

I didn’t take a before pic. It doesn’t really matter what root veggies or the proportion. This was:

2 big sweet potatoes

1 very large parsnip

2 turnips

1 medium rutabaga

Chopped and put in the pan:

I put the fat from the meat and several spoons of the juice over the top of the veggies. (I didn’t add any spices except for what was already in the broth)

cook at 350 for 45 minutes.

Then wait for it to cool.

Portioned out. This probably COULD have been 6 servings but I eat a lot.

I also made this for my breakfasts this week.

just a giant egg monster.