Robertson Mountain – 1Nov14

It started cold. COLD I say. I wish there were more photos but it was an insanely cold day especially once we neared the top. The summit was so foggy that it was like something out of a Stephen King novel. But the best place to start is at the beginning!

Woke up at 0darkthirty and started the rest of the getting of stuff in the car. I had told the kids to have ALL of their stuff together and ready to go into the car before bed but they didn’t listen :(. So we go and pick up Hannimal. It’s a good thing that we picked her up first. It’s a good thing because she had some serious perfume on and when I had an insane asthma attack and went for my bag with the inhaler in it we found that my bag wasn’t in the car. So…. to turn around and grab my pack (which included my WATER for the day… and my meds)

This is why we were almost a half hour late to the parking lot. It was probably a good thing we started later. As cold as it was when we got up on the summit? I can’t imagine being there half hour earlier.

It was so intensely beautiful. The crisp air only served to intensify the colors on the trees. When we started the clouds were no more than a thought in the air. The weather channel app on my phone said there was to be a high of 51 and only 30% chance of rain. The weather channel app LIED. LIED I tell you!

a view of Robertson mountain from the parking lot

map of Robertson Mountain trail

This is the same place we park when we do Old Rag. It actually takes part of the same trail. We started up the Berry Hollow fire road. First break was at the kiosk where the Berry hollow fire road, Old rag fire road, and Weakly hollow fire road meet with the Old Rag saddle trail. Waited FOREVER for the rest of our party to meet up with us. It felt like the temperature was dropping by the minute.

We continued down the Weakly fire road. It wasn’t long before we saw the turn off to the Robertson mountain trail. And then the UP began.

Elevation map

According to hiking upward there is a 1700 foot elevation gain in 1.5 miles. Again I wish I had more pictures. It was intensely beautiful.

view of Old Rag from Robertson

I like my panoramic shots

Hannah next to the stream on the way up.

This was one of the least steep sections of the way up. Most of it was VERY steep.

near the summit

It started to “rain” on the way up. Well it sounded like rain but it was really ice. Around the summit it turned into snow. It was so awesome that we were above the clouds. It was like something in a Stephen King novel. We kept going in and out of the fog and clouds and it was snowing off and on. By the time we got to the summit it was entirely snow.

Zombie and Jube

Zombie was so worried about Jube being cold that he carried her for a good while in his coat.

trick photography

There was really only one Zombie and one Jube.

Hannah and me on the summit


It was nearly desolate at the top. And it was so intensely cold when we stopped moving. It was horrible for another reason. Shakespeare was carrying ALL my food. So I had an orange and a few slices of cheese and a RX bar. I think part of the reason that I was SO intensely freezing was that I was STARVING!

Freezing hugs

I really wanna see this tree in the spring and summer. I think it would be so pretty!

me and Zombie

It didn’t take us long to get down from the summit. It was so frigid that we hurried just to stay warm. We got back to the car around 1530. We didn’t check to see exactly what time we left the cars but I think it was around 0900. We did it in about 6.5 hours. This is faster than my usual time (I do roughly a mile an hour, especially where there is a good deal of elevation change.)

All in all it was a great time!! I can’t wait to go back again when there is more color in the trees. I LOVE spring hiking and I can’t wait to see it when there are blooms on the trees. I believe it will be awesome. Also there is a multitude of trails up there that I didn’t know about. I am excited to get out there and explore more. There is no camping above a certain point in the back country, but there are so many trails that we could spend DAYS camping and hiking and not worry about that no camping rule. I look forward to planning longer trips in the spring/summer.


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