Enell Bra Recommendation

Hey Y’all!


Today’s blog post is going to sound a heckofalot like a paid advertisement. I am going to throw this right out there and say I AM NOT BEING PAID OR RECEIVING MERCH TO WRITE THIS (although I won’t turn anything down if it’s offered ya know 😉 ).




That being said, I realized that I recommend the Enell bra often enough that I am tired of writing out why I LOVE it. So here ya go. And yes, you will get pictures because I think seeing pictures of the product in use by real human beings is important. And because I feel that it covers more skin than my bathing suit. And because I feel that my body is flipping amazing in the things I can do and only TROLLS gonna say anything negative.




This bra.


( current price as of this publication date 15 Sept 18 $66 with a flat rate of shipping of $7)

Yes I spent like seventy dollars on this bra. Yes I only own three bras (minimalist lifestyle). Yes, I wash them NEARLY every time I wear them. AND I’ve washed it on rocks in a stream while hiking because I couldn’t wear it because it smelled that bad! Because I sweat a LOT. (And my sweat dissolves metal) AND I dry them. And I’m not careful with my laundry.

So do they hold up? Yes. And honestly I get more wear outta this than I do outta the same price of running shoes.

My friend Danielle says:

I agree with Enell. I can jump on a trampoline inn that thing and everything stays where it belongs.

The regular Sport is 66. The Lite is 80. That’s directly from enell.com Yes, they are pricey. But they are also well constructed, and comfortable. Running shoes are also expensive, and we pay for them because we understand the problems it can cause our body to wear ill fitting, uncomfortable, and/or unsupportive shoes. Many women do not realize the myriad of problems that can come from wearing the wrong bra. Back pain, hip and knees pain, pinched nerves, circulation problems…all sorts of things. Please please make sure you buy bras that fit!

I no longer have chest pain when I run. Or rock climb. Nor do they get in the way when I’m doing yoga.




I’m FREE to do ANY activity (ok they don’t help with skinny dipping) that I want.

I am not worried about falling outta my bra during inversions. I worry about NOTHING in this bra. This is my bad-ass warrior conquer everything bra.


power ups


Sooooooooooooo. That’s my recommendation

I recommend finding them in a running store and trying them on. Then you can find deals and coupon codes. (here, click that link 😀 )


ALSO: thanks again Danielle You can find them on amazon too…about the same price, sometimes a little less, and free prime shipping.